Mall Cleaning

We have a division that specializes in shopping mall cleaning: maintaining the entire premises so that they are fresh and tidy when the doors open every morning. Treat shoppers to the best possible experience in the best possible atmosphere – with J&E.

Looking professional and providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience is just a few of the reasons you need to keep your building clean. Another good reason is to reduce repair cost for repainting. By keeping the exterior of your store clean, you won’t have to repaint as often since the harmful elements of mother nature like dirt, dust and other debris are removed before damage occurs.

At J&E, we provide an all inclusive array of services for your Building Exterior Maintenance Program. Let us help set your Standard of Excellence in Pressure Washing, Water Reclamation System, Concrete

Surface Sealing, Pavement Striping, Parking Lot Sweeping, Building Windows, Awnings and Signage.

Shopping Center and Mall Cleaning Includes:

  • Cleaning Of Sidewalks, Buildings, Awnings, Shopping Carts, Parking Lots, Patios, or any other outside dirty messes
  • Complete exterior cleanup and removal of dirt, debris, food, grease, stains, oil spots, gum, and black marks
  • Detailing of Front Entrances, Windows, Sidewalls, Walkways, Signage, Parking Lots, Curbing, Pillars, and Railings
  • Emergency Spill Clean Up
  • We also offer Sweeping & Striping and Graffiti Removal to keep your property looking great.
  • We service Monthly, Quarterly or On Call

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